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Coaching and managing underperformance

Sometimes team members aren't performing at the level that we need them to and managing them - and their performance - can make or break our teams and our goals.

This 1:1 networking session will focus on sharing our experiences managing underperformance, tips and tricks that we have picked up along the way, and meeting other engineering leaders who share similar challenges.

How it works:

  1. You'll join the event through this page
  2. Throughout the course of the session, you'll be matched with other engineering leaders for a 10 minute video call
  3. At the conclusion of the 10 minutes, you'll have the opportunity to extend that call or start another

If you:

  1. Have questions and ideas about managing and coaching underperformance as an eng leader
  2. Want to get perspectives from other engineering leaders
  3. Want to build connections with other eng leaders outside of your network
  4. Appreciate serendipity and good conversation

This is the event for you!

Event has finished
February 09, 8:00 PM, GMT
Event has finished
February 09, 8:00 PM, GMT