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Authentic networking, community building, and digital transformation

with Yvette Pasqua

December 13, 2022
Authentic networking, community building, and digital transformation
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Yvette (@lolarobot) is the CTO of Exos where she leads the product and engineering teams with a focus on continuous improvement, iteration, and using data to launch products that help our members become healthier and achieve their wellness, life, and work goals.

Prior to joining Exos, Yvette led Product and Engineering at Haven, a health tech startup, and was the CTO at Meetup. Yvette’s career has included leadership roles at startups and product development firms building products like Grindr and the Olympics video player. She’s on the Board at Chloe Capital, a VC firm that invests in women-led seed-stage companies.

Yvette lives in Brooklyn and Rhinebeck, NY with her wife, daughter, and wheaten terrier.

“Yeah, of course during the conversation I will bring up, ‘Hey, I'm looking for a head of engineering. do you know anything? Do you have any advice? What have you thought of are the best characteristics for someone in that role?”

It's a long-term play, but I think the important thing is to be really upfront with your intention for the chat. And to deliver on that in an authentic way. And to not BS someone and say, ‘Hey, I wanna network!’ And then throw a job in their face and a job description.

-Yvette Pasqua

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  • Building technology with community in mind at MeetUp and Exos (2:20) (0:07)
  • How community and in-person experiences inspire Yvette’s career decisions (5:40)
  • What Yvette learned about networking / community building from MeetUp (7:10)
  • Principles for creating meaningful, authentic gatherings (10:54)
  • Why setting boundaries & expectations encourages group psychological safety (12:38)
  • How Yvette successfully navigated her Head of Eng search without a recruiter (14:32)
  • Strategies for targeting potential hires that you haven’t met before (17:40)
  • Ask others for advice (21:31)
  • Tactics for reaching out to people in an authentic way (23:40)
  • Prioritizing time for networking conversations (27:55)
  • Behind the digital transformation at Exos from a primarily coaching model (32:37)
  • How Exos continuously models growth mindset (37:42)
  • When digital transformation reaches a turning point (39:44)
  • Rapid fire questions (42:38)


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