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Our favorite moments from the Engineering Leadership Podcast so far

September 20, 2022

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  • How to focus on what really matters... seek the "existential issues" & find where there's "Room AND Attention" - Will Larson (3:23)
  • The Portfolio of Time Management - Jean-Denis Greze (8:50)
  • How to get unstuck in your career - Wade Chambers (13:04)
  • “Crashing” your way to a seat at the table - Melody Hildebrandt (15:51)
  • The fundamentals of managing up - Jan Chong (17:12)
  • Common tension points while scaling engineering and product organizations - Jeremy Henrickson (19:31)
  • The story of Amazon Apollo, solving the right problem & pitching the right stakeholders - Melissa Binde (24:43)
  • "Hero Developers don't scale" - Andrew Lau & Eli Daniel (30:09)
  • How to increase your pool of potential candidates - Farhan Thawar (34:48)
  • Why you should help engineers outgrow their positions & how to discuss career growth with your team members - Tara Ellis (39:45)
  • How eng orgs (and careers) evolve through hyper-growth - Samir Naik (43:32)
  • Move as fast as long as - Richard Wong (47:41)
  • Lessons from leading large-scale, complex, strategic projects - Wendy Sheppard (49:38)
  • How to operationalize your approach to leadership - Sri Viswanath (52:55)
  • How to detect & identify the early signs of burnout in your engineering team - Erica Lockheimer, Sabry Tozin & Lori Allen (55:50)
  • The root causes of workplace injustice & the roles we can play to prevent it - Kim Scott & Trier Bryan (59:29)
  • Conflict optimizations vs. conflict resolution & why eng leaders need to embrace conflict - Jordan Adler (1:04:14)
  • How to get over the fear of silence - Alexis Rask (1:07:22)
  • Leading through uncertainty - David Silverman (1:13:50)
  • "Rage-fixing" & Eddie's breakthrough moment confronting fear of failure at Gusto - Eddie Kim (1:20:05)



Noah Olberding, Producer

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/noah-olberding-49138a19b/

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Dan Overheim, Audio Engineer

IG: @doverheim

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Ellie Coggins Angus, Copywriter

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elliecoggins/

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