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Community insights from our Pop-Up Podcast Booth!

at ELC Annual

May 10, 2023
Community insights from our Pop-Up Podcast Booth!
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Join us at ELC Annual 2023!

ELC Annual is our flagship conference for engineering leaders. You’ll learn from experts in engineering and leadership, gain mentorship and support from like-minded professionals, expand your perspectives, build relationships across the tech industry, and leave with practical prove strategies.

Join us this August 30-31 at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco

To get early access to tickets - email us at annual@sfelc.com

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Learn from industry experts, connect and share challenges with peers as you learn effective strategies to expand your leadership!

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  • Why Nate Lee @ Tradeshift believes good communication is critical as an eng leader (7:06)
  • Know your audience, meet them where they’re at & learn to communicate up (8:44)
  • Strategies for delivering critical feedback (11:00)
  • Gaurav Nigam @ WorkBoard: how OKRs can be used to resync your org (14:35)
  • Tips for first-timers establishing realistic OKRs (17:56)
  • Things Cynthia Tham @ GBG Americas wishes she knew when she started her eng leadership journey (20:21)
  • Identifying & maintaining consistent behaviors as an eng leader (22:58)
  • Mitchell Arnett @ Life360 discusses speed vs. quality (25:19)
  • Components that lead to a culture of success around speed & quality (29:01)
  • Jeremy Eastwood @ Drone Deploy & Dobromir Montauk @ Doxel.AI on how tech shifts impact eng orgs (32:41)
  • Jeremy & Dobromir’s predictions for the next technology curve (37:14)
  • Commit to change & don’t go in half-heartedly (39:55)
  • How to navigate hybrid & remote work challenges w/ Lizzie Matusov @ Quotient (48:11)
  • Lizzie’s advice for returning to in-person networking (50:42)
  • Practices for navigating shifting work environments between remote, hybrid & in-person (53:07)
  • Lizzie’s vision for successfully integrating teams & developing a sense of belonging (56:23)
  • Tips for starting conversations around belonging within eng teams (1:02:10)
  • Shweta Saraf @ Netflix reveals how her org has built a culture of celebration (1:04:11)
  • Tips for building moments of self-recognition as an eng leader (1:08:11)
  • Strategies for establishing goals & providing clarity (1:10:59)
  • Create a safe space for experimentation (1:16:57)
  • Wen Hsu on the most important question you can ask yourself (1:19:26)
  • Recommendations for taking steps toward what you really want (1:22:33)
  • How to prioritize making time to move toward your “north star” (1:25:13)

This episode wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our incredible production team:

Patrick Gallagher - Producer & Co-Host

Jerry Li - Co-Host

Noah Olberding - Associate Producer, Audio & Video Editor https://www.linkedin.com/in/noah-olberding/

Dan Overheim - Audio Engineer, Dan’s also an avid 3D printer - https://www.bnd3d.com/

Ellie Coggins Angus - Copywriter, Check out her other work at https://elliecoggins.com/about/

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