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Group coaching, team accountability & ‘next-level’ goals

with Joy Dixon

March 29, 2022


Joy Dixon (@JoyD1x0n) is a people-first, innovative, daring, JEDI Leader with strong technical prowess and deep business acumen. Joy has worked in the tech industry for 20+ years as a people leader, software engineer, technical trainer, and network administrator. Joy holds a Bachelor’s degree in African-American Studies, a Master’s degree in Software Engineering, and several professional certifications in software development and Agile methodologies.

In the course of a diverse career, Joy has… Led and grown development teams to deliver engineering excellence in code, collaboration, and commitment all while modeling collective genius and having fun. Designed and developed applications using several programming languages and in various environments. In addition, she has configured and administered networks for global companies. Designed and delivered online and in-person, web, animation, and game development courses. Started a software development training company, Mosaic Presence to expand opportunities, cultivate community, and promote the Mosaic.

As a self-described sunflower in a bed of roses, Joy conceives and constructs new paths that inspire innovation and transform cultures. She gives 100%+ to herself, team, and work modeling care, creativity, and excellence. Joy is a courageous communicator whose authenticity and integrity are valued and admired. Along with the above, Joy connects people and ideas in a heartfelt effort to support the success of everyone.

Additionally, Joy loves music, animation, women's basketball, the Golden State Warriors, and motorcycles. Joy lives by the following quote from the world-record-holding Olympic champion and international sports icon, Wilma Rudolph: "'I can't' are two words that have never been in my vocabulary. I believe in me more than anything in this world."

"Don't tell people 'I like to run.' Tell them 'I'm a runner!'

It makes a world of difference! So you are embodying that person or those attributes that you want to have. And then from there, you move forward.

Because if you say 'I'm moving towards my goal.' Then you're also saying 'I'm not there yet.' But if you embody the end, ‘I'm already there!’ Right?

We know you're not holy already there, but you embody the end and then, act as if! And it makes a world of difference. You make so much more progress.

- Joy Dixon  

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  • Team building happens in the in-between moments (2:07)
  • Get the right things done with smaller goals (5:52)
  • Help eng team members make realistic business impacts (8:59)
  • How to implement the Next Level framework with your eng teams (12:07)
  • The magic wand: monthly accountability check-ins (16:42)
  • Leverage peers for accountability, not just managers (18:52)
  • The network effects of group accountability (19:47)
  • Embodying your goals vs. moving towards them (25:01)
  • Getting buy-in from skeptical engineers (29:03)
  • How to measure and track abstract goals (31:46)
  • Apply BRAVING to engineering leadership (34:34)
  • Rapid Fire Questions (37:40)


  • (book) Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins - book Joy referenced talking about “constant and never-ending improvement
  • (book) The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker - book referenced by Patrick discussing facilitation principles
  • (book) Dare to Lead by Brene Brown - book referenced by Joy discussing BRAVING framework applied within her engineering team meetings
  • (book) Linchpin by Seth Godin - what Joy is reading now
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