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Rapid prototyping & developing your product instinct

with David Crawshaw

June 20, 2023


David Crawshaw (@davidcrawshaw) is co-founder and CTO of Tailscale. Previously he was a staff engineer at Google, where he specialized in petabyte-scale logs processing. He implemented TCP/IP networking for Fuchsia, as well as ported the Go language platform to iOS and Android.

"If you're a pre-seed startup in the Bay Area and you are trying to ship something to your first few customers and you ship with 40-something languages, then you've made a mistake, but it's not necessarily true that a large company has made that mistake. For larger companies with more total requirements, I think the big question is can you construct environments where you can experiment without all of these requirements?”

- David Crawshaw   

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  • David’s background at Google & the transition to founding Tailscale (1:51)
  • Early-day challenges at Tailscale w/ prototyping (4:03)
  • How Tailscale discovered & employed rapid prototyping during its early days (6:41)
  • Paradigm shifts around the product-building process & feedback loop (8:37)
  • Recommendations for those new to rapid prototyping (11:20)
  • Shifting your org’s culture toward accelerated iteration cycles w/ arbitrary limits (13:36)
  • Frameworks for getting to a faster prototype (16:52)
  • How to work w/ design & product throughout rapid prototyping process (19:26)
  • Navigating the tension between doing things quickly vs. working well (21:51)
  • Where large companies try to rapid prototype & things go wrong (26:29)
  • Trains vs. EVs in the Bay area – a metaphor for rapid iteration (28:46)
  • Bringing that metaphor to software development (31:37)
  • David’s perspective on widespread adoption of OpenAI (34:31)
  • Rapid fire questions (39:19)


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