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Scaling your leadership to 3x exec roles and transforming your values, systems & habits

with Vinay Hiremath, CTO @ Loom

September 13, 2022
Scaling your leadership to 3x exec roles and transforming your values, systems & habits
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Vinay Hiremath (@vhmth) is Co-Founder & CTO at Loom - Check out Vinay’s video bio on Loom here

"I'd lost a sense of direction because I just took on so much work. Direction became something that was like a luxury for me to think about which is an incredibly dangerous place to be as an executive and it's really easy to fall into it especially when there's a fire hose of work that's coming at you all the time.

And then I had like morphed my life around work versus around my health and I realized like the thing that had led me to have so much mental clarity before was my health. And so I started taking health incredibly seriously again.”

<cite>- Vinay Hiremath    </cite>

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  • Vinay’s experience taking on three exec roles at Loom (3:51)
  • Why creating a daily timetable is crucial for busy eng leaders (6:02)
  • The intersection between mental health & living by your values (9:14)
  • What Vinay’s personal values are & ways he identified them (10:35)
  • Incorporating the value of freedom within your eng org (11:35)
  • How your goals & competencies act as gatekeepers to your values (16:25)
  • Tips for building out your schedule to expand your working capacity (19:02)
  • The importance of understanding your systems (20:11)
  • As you scale your eng functions, set up delegation systems (21:49)
  • Why eng teams should utilize budgets & triple verification (25:48)
  • How triple verification works in people systems (27:07)
  • What the CEO role taught Vinay about leading engineering (31:40)
  • How Loom tackles the stigma surrounding parental leave (33:40)
  • Prioritize mental & physical health to live out your values (35:48)
  • Journaling frameworks to contemplate values (40:28)
  • Vinay’s process for building – and keeping – new habits (43:03)
  • Recognize your emotions & act despite them (47:07)
  • Rapid fire questions (48:28)
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