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Configure Your Life for Balance: Optimize, Decide, and Let the Little Things Go

Posted Oct 09, 2023 | Views 220
# ELC Annual 2023
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Christopher Cravens
Former VPE @ Splunk and CIO @ Uber

Chris Cravens is an industry veteran with a quarter century of successes delivering measurable value for high-growth enterprises in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. An avid change agent and catalyst for transformation, Mr. Cravens has led major global scale-up and transformation efforts for Software Engineering, Information Technology, Security, Facilities teams. As the first CIO at Zynga and Uber, he led critical functions that enabled scale from small startups to major global enterprises in record time. Mr. Cravens led digital transformation at Splunk, scaling revenue from $800M to $2.2BN in three years by reimagining and supercharging Go to Market capabilities with automation and high value software capabilities that drove greater deal size and velocity. Currently, Mr. Cravens provides expert consulting supporting Private Equity and Venture transactions and transformations and is an active Strategic Advisor, Coach, and Investor to startups delivering innovative, disruptive technologies to accelerate digital transformation.

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Shobhana Ahluwalia
Former CIO @ Peloton Interactive

Shobhana (Shobz) Ahluwalia is a technology, operations, and cyber security executive with expertise in scaling high growth global companies. She was the Chief Information Officer for Peloton, a $50B on-demand Fitness company which manufactures exercise equipment and engaging content and is a category creator. Before that, she served as the Chief Information Officer at Uber Technologies’, $80B on-demand logistics and transportation company, and was responsible for global IT operations and services. Prior to Uber Technologies, Shobhana served in leadership Information Technology roles at Rocket Fuel, CNET and CBS.

Shobhana is an active investor and advisor in the technology startup ecosystem. She is a passionate supporter of the underrepresented communities in the technology and leadership world. She holds a Masters of Business Administration with a double major in Strategy and Finance from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and a Bachelor of Computer Science in Engineering from Bangalore, India.

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Our brains, like computers, have capacity, limits, and programming that drive us, limit us, and create our emotional reality. If they are overloaded things heat up and without the right cooling systems, will eventually fry the entire machine. Optimizing our lives is critical for lasting, productive, and enjoyable function. While this is as much (or more) art than science, we can achieve greater function and balance by investing a bit of time and thought towards creating a personal decision matrix to better understand where we should and should not spend time to achieve our personal goals.

⁃ Values - Identify your core values and drivers

⁃ Vision - Get clear on your vision for your life

⁃ Goals - Set goals that align with your values

⁃ Priorities - Force yourself to stack rank, it’s critical

⁃ Boundaries - Know your ‘no’s’ and stick to them

⁃ Flexibility - Become comfortable with changing things

⁃ Hygiene - Regular self-check-ins to determine what’s working, what’s not, and what’s not aligned with the life you want

Join Chris Cravens and Shobhana Ahluwalia for a candid, insightful, and interactive fireside chat as they discuss their experiences and varying levels of success in creating balance as leaders in dynamic, high-growth environments.

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