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Consistency, Accuracy, Performance: Essential Elements for a Sound Technical Strategy

Posted Jan 27, 2023 | Views 489
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# ELC Annual 2022
Preeti Kaur
VP of Engineering @ Carta

Preeti Kaur is VP of engineering, at Carta, leading engineering for the Corporations business unit. Her teams build products to revolutionize how both Private and Public companies manage their equity and ownership. Prior to Carta, Preeti has led engineers at various companies building products for various industries like Premise, Climate Corp. Adobe and Rakuten. As a leader, Preeti has believed in the motto “If you don't have a passion for people, you have no business leading them!”. Leading by example in every aspect of the job be it collaboration, iterative development, agility towards new ideas and pivots. She is passionate about the career growth of women in technology and leadership, always trying to break the stereotypes in tech.

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As you think about scaling your product platform for hyper-growth, it is important to come up with a technical strategy that includes sequenced work streams and delivering customer value iteratively, ultimately converging with overall company goals, delighting customers, and growing the business. In this talk I’ll share some real-world learnings from Carta’s efforts around, coming up with such a strategy and executing on it.

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