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Data-driven is Not-So-Easy: Pitfalls and Myths in Trusting Experiment Conclusions

Posted Apr 22, 2022 | Views 719
# Spring Summit - 2022
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Chu-Cheng Hsieh
Chief Data Officer @ Etsy

Dr. Chu-Cheng Hsieh, Chief Data Officer at Etsy, manages teams across multiple locations globally, including engineering, infrastructure, data science, and machine learning. Partnering with C-executives at Etsy, Dr. Hsieh spearheads data/AI/ML strategy and supervise its execution. In addition to his Etsy responsibility, he sits on the Google Cloud customer advisory board and mentors venture capital funds. He also organizes workshops, gives keynotes and publishes papers in academic or industrial conferences, such as WWW, SIGIR, KDD, on information retrieval, recommendation systems, and data mining.

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Data-driven decision-making (DDDM) is the golden rule of this decade. Today, every company uses facts, metrics, and data to guide business decisions. Teams use them to achieve goals, objectives, and initiatives. In this keynote, you will hear real-world examples of how executives are accidentally misguided. Chu-Cheng, Chief Data Officer of Etsy, will share pitfalls, myths, and lessons that cost millions of dollars of opportunity loss he encountered in his career. He will also share practical tactics to spot these pitfalls early so you can avoid costly lessons at work.

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