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How NOT to Hire!

Posted Apr 22, 2022 | Views 589
# Spring Summit - 2022
# Culture
# Hiring
# Productivity
# Recruiting
# Scaling
Brad Henrickson
Leadership Coach, Former CTO @ Scoop Technologies

Brad is a seasoned leadership coach and technology leader with a broad range of experience from founding companies, to building product, to maturing organizations to driving culture and results in highly dynamic environments. He helps technology leaders to achieve their potential.

Brad has an extensive range of skills including but not limited to: building recruiting and hiring pipelines, organization design and SDLC design, people management, product management, board representation, budgeting, performance management, culture advocacy and delivery of critical technical projects.

Outside of the technical domain you will find Brad out rock climbing, surfing and mountaineering. He grounds himself through his connection to the outdoors and through his meditation practice which he has been doing for 20+ years.

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We will walk through some of the anti-patterns around hiring that are common. Learn to spot behaviors that aren’t serving you or your organization so you can make better decisions.

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