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Lessons on Being Deliberate

Posted Dec 29, 2022 | Views 482
# ELC Annual 2022
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Megan Kacholia
VP of Engineering @ Google

Megan Kacholia is a Vice President of Engineering within Google's Core organization. She is a leader in the Cross-Google Engineering (xGE) effort, which is responsible for company-wide technical coordination. Her passion is building effective teams and addressing barriers to help Googlers do their best work.

Previously, Megan was and VP in Google’s Research organization, where her team’s work spanned machine learning in research as well as production, including products such as TensorFlow, and prior to that she had a long tenure in Google’s Ads organization, where she ran the serving system for Google’s DisplayAds business. Megan has a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science from UIUC.

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So many times we focus on what we want but feel is outside our control: “If only personX would get things done on time!” “If only person Y would communicate more clearly!” “If only leadership would have listened to me the first time!” Yet, you have control over many things that you probably aren’t acknowledging - things like exercising control over your time, choosing when you say “yes” vs “no”, and communicating directly but still authentically. Realizing these things can help you become a more effective and impactful leader, regardless of your title or position. In this session, Megan will share lessons learned from throughout her career as an engineer and engineering leader at Google on how to act deliberately.

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