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Navigating the Shift to Enterprise Scale

Posted Oct 09, 2023 | Views 328
# ELC Annual 2023
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Marck Robinson
VP of Engineering @ Brex

Marck Robinson is a Vice President of Engineering at Brex, where he focuses on building financial technology to empower employees anywhere to make better financial decisions. Prior to Brex, he was at New Relic, where he managed design, UX, APIs, and instant observability; at Microsoft, he drove the development of the Azure portal as well as Azure Active Directory Users, Tenants, Groups, and Devices. Marck began his career with a startup focused on control systems for electric power.

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Bhavin Surela
Director of Engineering @ Twilio

Bhavin works at Twilio and lives in California. He has worked in start ups and medium sized companies. At Twilio he leads leaders that build the messaging products. He is passionate about increasing engagement and execution in teams, having fun and building products that serve billions.

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Scaling beyond early market fit presents unique challenges - Where’s the highest leverage? How do you build things that scale & avoid getting stuck with 1000+ MVPs? How do you manage increasing orders of complexity in your teams and product? Where are the greatest opportunities for real vs. perceived velocity? In this session, Marck Robinson, VP of Engineering @ Brex, will unpack strategies for sustaining velocity and efficiency, offering a roadmap to fuel your organization's journey to enterprise scale. Marck shares actionable insights from his experiences operating at massive scale at places like Microsoft Azure, New Relic, and now, Brex.

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