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The Tech Stack for the Metaverse

Posted Jan 27, 2023 | Views 294
# ELC Annual 2022
Harry McCracken
Global Technology Editor @ Fast Company

Harry McCracken is the global technology editor at Fast Company. Based in San Francisco, he spearheads tech coverage across the brand's print, digital, social, and event platforms.

Prior to joining Fast Company in 2014, Harry was an editor-at-large for Time magazine. He also founded Technologizer, an award-winning website and community, and was the editor of PC World, the world's highest-circulation technology publication.

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Nick Tornow
VP of Engineering for Creator @ Roblox

Nick Tornow leads an engineering team focused on empowering Roblox’s global community of millions of developers with the technology and tools needed to build immersive 3D experiences and other user-generated content at a massive scale. Prior to Roblox, Nick ran Twitter’s Platform organization where he was responsible for the core of its technology stack–from data centers to cloud, storage and compute, developer efficiency, quality, reliability, and the site’s microservice-based architecture. While there he helped accelerate product feature development, scaled Twitter to three regions, improved security, privacy, quality, and reliability, and unlocked cloud capabilities. Tornow also spent a decade at Zynga, with the latter five years as its Chief Technology Officer, steering the company from web-based gaming to mobile, from a data center to the public cloud, and from cost-cutting to growth and profitability. Tornow holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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We are in a shift toward people socializing with one another and sharing experiences with each other within immersive 3D environments. Companies that have been building big, reliable cloud systems to support social media and other web apps will need to adapt their tech stacks if they want to support these massive-scale 3D-social experiences. In this fireside chat, Roblox VP of Engineering Nick Tornow will talk about the evolving tech stack for the metaverse and how Roblox -- which has been building a platform for this space for over 15 years -- is leading the way as a specialized 3D Cloud provider for its community of over 54 million daily active users.

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