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Navigating conflict in large-scale orgs w/ competing priorities

with Ritu Bhargava

September 19, 2023
Navigating conflict in large-scale orgs w/ competing priorities
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Ritu Bhargava (@ritubhargava) is the Chief Product Officer of SAP Customer Experience (CX). In her role, she heads product, engineering, user experience, strategy, and operations for the entire CX portfolio and recently has been appointed to the Qualtrics Board of Directors.

Before joining SAP at the end of 2021, Ritu held various technology leadership positions and most recently came from Salesforce as the Senior Vice President of Engineering for Sales Cloud, Salesforce’s flagship product suite. Having started her career as an SAP developer, Ritu went on to work at Oracle for ten years and was responsible for financial applications in various roles. With extensive experience in enterprise applications and the CX space, Ritu brings a strong market focus, both from a business and engineering perspective. Ritu holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Psychology from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University, and an M.B.A. in Finance and IT from the University of Lincolnshire, U.K. She recently joined the Qualtrics Board of Directors and co-chairs the West Coast Advisory Board for Asian University for Women. AUW is a Bangladesh-based nonprofit dedicated to women’s education and leadership development. She also enjoys supporting cricketing initiatives in America, having played on the U.S.A. Women’s Cricket team.

"If we were to rely purely on just having to re-org for every business requirement that we need to deliver to or a customer need that we need to execute to, we would endlessly be re-orging and it's just not possible, which means that we have to and we must operate in matrix words, which also then further means that we have to be okay with working with each other in a way that is not just, 'Hey, if I don't report to you or you're not on my team is only when I will make you successful.'

<cite>- Ritu Bhargava    </cite>

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  • How to maximize time & attention of senior leaders at massive scale (2:13)
  • Tactics for building bridges across a large-scale organization (4:52)
  • Gaining buy-in toward prioritizing dependencies over feature work (7:23)
  • How to unlock greater support / influence from another exec leader (9:01)
  • Frameworks for better communicating intentions & removing misconceptions (12:05)
  • Strategies for approaching progress updates in a massive scope (14:14)
  • Cultivate positive relationships with peers by navigating conflicts (17:08)
  • Acting with compromise & humility while working toward a shared goal (18:55)
  • Questions to ask to minimize ego & generate curiosity around learning (20:46)
  • Examples of navigating conflicting priorities within a large-scale org (21:55)
  • Ritu’s prioritization tool: vision, values, themes, and KPIs (23:41)
  • How to address conflicts between cross-functional partners (26:06)
  • Tips for managing conflicts before they happen (28:38)
  • Why you should identify how much time to invest in a decision (31:35)
  • Rapid fire questions (34:04)


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