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Storytelling and the Art of Public Speaking

with Arquay Harris

May 31, 2022


Arquay is the VP of Engineering at Webflow. Prior to Webflow, she held Engineering leadership positions at Slack, Google, and CBS Interactive. A developer who also has a Masters in Design, Arquay loves the marriage of form and function. When not working she can be found cooking, stumbling over guitar and piano chords, or watching Seinfeld.

"And so if you were using this to give an actual presentation, you might say something like, ‘Imagine a world where deploys only take two seconds? Or what if tests only took 30 seconds to write?’

So you're taking this undesirable thing and you're contrasting it with this idealistic future to really bring in that emotionality to get the audience hooked.

- Arquay Harris 

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  • What Arquay starts every presentation with (2:03)
  • Message, tone, and audience (3:17)
  • The hero’s journey (7:17)
  • The mountain story structure (8:42)
  • Nested loops (9:33)
  • Sparklines (11:28)
  • In medias res (13:14)
  • Converging ideas (14:22)
  • False start (15:16)
  • The petal structure (16:27)
  • Focus on the purpose (21:13)


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Storytelling and the Art of Public Speaking
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