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The Art of Codebase Onboarding: A Leader's Toolkit to Unlock Team Potential

Posted Oct 09, 2023 | Views 170
# ELC Annual 2023
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# Resilience
Ally McKnight
Head of Engineering of Personal Finance Management @ NerdWallet

Ally works as the Head of Engineering of Personal Finance Management at NerdWallet, a platform that provides financial guidance to consumers and small and mid-sized businesses. She has spent the last several years supporting and growing engineering organizations with a focus on engineer career growth and team cohesion. She is an avid purveyor of functional programming, non-violent communication, and food travel. She lives in Oakland, California with her wife and two sons.

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Douglas Albert
VP of Engineering @ Guidewire Software

Douglas is a VP of Engineering at Guidewire Software, where he leads a combined team of Engineers, Data Scientists, and Analysts in delivering software and insights that transform the insurance industry. Douglas has built and grown distributed teams delivering deeply technical analytic solutions in both cybersecurity and insurance domains. A people-focused system thinker, Douglas aims to use Engineering leadership to help people become the best versions of themselves. Outside of engineering, Douglas is an MIT graduate, a hybrid athlete, a martial artist, a San Francisco native, and an absolute ailurophile (cat enthusiast).

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Shanea Leven
Founder and CEO @ CodeSee

Shanea Leven is the co-founder and CEO of CodeSee, a developer tool that helps developers and teams better onboard, refactor, and understand codebases. Prior to CodeSee, Shanea led teams that delivered high-quality products and features for leading companies including Google, Docker, eBay and Cloudflare.

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For high-level engineering leaders, navigating the onboarding of new talent into a company's existing legacy codebase is a universally recognized challenge. As a critical stage, the onboarding process not only shapes the efficiency and integration speed of teams but also greatly influences the overall success of projects. This talk seeks to dissect these challenges, highlighting their impact on team productivity and organizational innovation.

In this talk, I'll be your guide through the twists and turns of the codebase onboarding journey. By sharing real-life war stories and shedding light on common missteps, we’ll uncover the impact these hurdles can have on team spirit and company-wide innovation. But don't worry, it's not all doom and gloom. You'll walk away with a treasure chest of strategies, hands-on tools, and tested methods to not just survive but thrive amidst these challenges. Let's flip the script together, turning legacy codebases from a dreaded beast into a catalyst for success. This is about putting you, the leader, back in the driving seat - making onboarding a boost for your team's innovation, performance, and resilience.

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