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The Power of Community: A Practical Guide to Taking Your Team Through Hypergrowth

Posted Dec 14, 2022 | Views 469
# ELC Annual 2022
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Ludo Antonov
VP of Engineering @ Whatnot

Ludo is the Vice President of Engineering at Whatnot. He has an extensive background in building engineering teams at fast-growing startups including Hulu, Pinterest, and Lyft. He led the Pinterest Growth team as the company was going through hyper-growth up to IPO. Prior to joining Whatnot, he served as an engineering executive at Lyft, overseeing the company’s core rideshare products including the rider, driver, marketplace, and growth organizations.

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The playbook to grow in 2022 and beyond looks different from previous years. It’s never been more important to humanize yourself, your team, and your community. What are the payoffs when your team genuinely loves the product and builds from the customer point of view? How effective can you be if you enter hyper growth without a team that’s in-sync? Engineering leader Ludo Antonov has managed teams during massive growth periods at Hulu, Pinterest, Lyft, and now Whatnot, and will share his perspectives and lessons learned on growing an early engineering team, building community starting from onboarding, developing an engineering brand, and managing technical teams for a community-based product.

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