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Bridging the Divide: Strategies for Cross-Functional Excellence between Engineering and Product Management

Posted Oct 09, 2023 | Views 718
# ELC Annual 2023
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Barbara Nelson
VP of Engineering @ InfluxData

Barbara leads the engineering team at InfluxData. She has extensive experience leading globally distributed teams in designing, developing, deploying and supporting products and services that are delivered on a cloud-based service platform and on a range of client platforms. Prior to InfluxData, Barbara had a variety of engineering and technical leadership roles, including VP Engineering at iPass, CTO at Cirrent, and Principal Architect at eBay. Barbara has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from University College Dublin, Ireland.

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Laura Fay
Chief Executive @ L Fay Associates

Laura Fay is a technology industry advisor assisting product leaders drive profitable growth in their as-a-service business models. Prior to her consulting and advisory work, Laura spent decades as a business, product management, and customer success executive directly contributing to the growth and operational velocity of large well-established enterprises and a number of early stage businesses. Laura is an author and creator of multiple widely used industry frameworks on key business, customer and product management topics.

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Are you delighted or frustrated about your and your team’s relationship with Product Management? Do you get the customer perspective and guidance you need to innovate and develop compelling solutions for your business? If you’ve ever dwelt on these questions, this session is for you.

Come hear from two seasoned tech industry leaders, Barbara Nelson and Laura Fay, representing Engineering and Product Management respectively, discuss the ideal partnership between a Product Manager and their Engineering counterpart. Based on their decades of experience and industry research, Barbara and Laura will discuss the impact of an excellent PM/EM relationship on the overall product development process, and conversely, the broad impact that a poor PM/EM relationship can have. They will discuss how to ensure that your PM/EM will be most effective, pitfalls to avoid, and some of the best practices that they have put in place to achieve this.

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