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How to Create Sustainable Velocity in Your Team

Posted Jan 27, 2023 | Views 454
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Andrew Fong
Founder and CEO @ Prodvana

Andrew is currently CoFounder/CEO of Prodvana. Prodvana is focused on removing the overhead of wrangling the cloud through its Dynamic Delivery Platform. Prior to Prodvana Andrew was CTO at Vise, VP of Infrastructure of Dropbox, and spent time at YouTube and AOL. He's spent most of his career building systems and processes to increase efficiencies and remove overhead from engineering processes.

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Fatemeh Alavizadeh
Head of Core Product Engineering @ Notion

Fatemeh is the Head of Core Product Engineering at Notion, the company that makes it possible for businesses and individuals to tailor the software to their problems. Before Notion, Fatemeh spent years at Airtable, Airbnb, and Facebook, leading different teams and multiple zero-to-one products. Fatemeh holds a Master's degree in Software Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.

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Do you worry about breaking things every time you hear "move fast" and wonder how you can sustainably increase your team's velocity? How to create urgency without burning your team out? How to create pace while managing quality? Throughout her career, Fatemeh has led many zero-to-one teams in which speed has been crucial. She will share her learnings on how to increase a team's velocity sustainably.

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