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How to Do More with Less in Economic Downturn

Posted Oct 18, 2023 | Views 260
# ELC Annual 2023
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Madhuri Sarma
Senior Director of Engineering @ Carta

Madhuri Sesha Sarma is Senior Director of Engineering at Carta, heading Carta’s platform infrastructure organization. Prior to Carta, she has led engineering for products and infrastructure at scale in Orum.io, Clover Network Inc, Fiserv and Visa Inc. She enjoys the melting pot of innovation, business problems and organizational culture. She is passionate about women in technology and leadership.

When not working, Madhuri spends time with her infant baby, loves to travel and explore various cuisines of food.

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2022 has seen tremendous headcount reduction. There’s also a clear shift from growth at all costs to profitability. Embracing the constraints is paramount for you, your org, and your company. In this session, Madhuri will cover lessons learned through her experiences of running product and platform engineering organizations at Carta and Clover. We will explore strategies to structure teams, prioritize product vs platform initiatives, invest in the right tech stack, and tackle tech debt.

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